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X-Men # 25 Spoiler Recap

Here’s a very very quick X-Men # 25 spoiler recap to give you guys an idea on what’s happening in the main X-Men books after the events of Hellfire Gala and the ongoing Fall of X storyline.

In this issue we see what transpired between Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin and Emma Frost.


After trying to get away from his clutches all those years ago as seen in Devil’s Reign X-Men, Emma Frost lands back into Fisk’s employ because she needs help with the surviving mutants.

In fairness to him, Kingpin did help the mutant cause in his own way. He restarted the Hellfire Club once more with him being the White King while Tony Stark became the club’s Black King.


Meanwhile Kitty Pryde/ Kate Pryde aka Shadowkat has managed to track down the “traitor” Firestar who is being held in an ORCHIS base.

And after our favorite ninja pirate mutant goes through a number of ORCHIS soldiers and personnel, she finally gets on her target, the mutant traitor Firestar.

And after she puts up a fight, Angelica Jones concedes and reveals the truth to Shadowkat. That her status as a “traitor” and insider working for ORCHIS was a psychic manipulation done by Jean Grey before she died during the Hellfire Gala. Jean’s intention was to have somebody she can trust working inside to save mutants as much as possible. Now knowing the truth, Shadowkat leaves Firestar and returns to Earth.

Back in New York, Emma Frost still disguised as Tony Stark’s secretary finally encounters Feilong, the self-made next evolution of humanity, walking around the new Hellfire Club. She immediately decides to act on her desire to kill the ORCHIS member…

But Tony Stark swoops in to stop her from going through with her plan and setting the resistance back to the dark ages in terms of their planning. And during this instance, Tony picks up the ring that Emma was supposed to use to kill Feilong and the mutant hating billionaire drops in on the two as Stark was kneeling in front of Frost.


This is actually the start of the “wedding” between Tony Stark and Emma Frost and ties in to Duggan’s next issue of Invincible Iron Man.

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