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WATCH: V takes over Spotify’s K-Pop ON! to celebrate the release of his solo debut album ‘Layover’

PHILIPPINES. 13 SEPTEMBER 2023. It’s official! After weeks of teasers, including the pre-release of two tracks, V of BTS made his highly anticipated solo debut with the launch of the album, Layover

In addition to being the final installation in the series of solo debuts by the BTS members, the six-track album is a celebration of V’s characteristics and color as a solo artist, serving dreamy vocals against Pop R&B sounds. And ARMYs all over the world are truly loving this side of V. Since its launch, the pre-release track Love Me Again has amassed over 105 million Spotify streams, and the album’s title track, Slow Dancing, debuted at #11 on Spotify’s Global Daily Top Songs chart the day of its release. As of today, Slow Dancing has over 20 million streams on Spotify. 


Enjoy more of V with exclusive content on K-Pop ON!  

To celebrate this solo debut, Spotify is letting fans discover more to the music of Layover and V as a soloist with a series of new episodes on its K-Pop ON! YouTube and Video Podcast channels.

In Spotipoly V Edition, V gives his all to ace the missions and win chances to personally introduce his new album to ARMY. In between challenges that had the self-proclaimed game lover fishing against the clock, rain-making, and dropping a beat with mini instruments, V takes us on a journey through Layover, sharing the stories behind each track. 

On the UNBOXING SHOW, V juggles between surprise missions, and unboxing and answering some of ARMY’s burning questions. From talking about his current hobby, to the little things that bring him joy, his fur-baby ‘Yeontan’, and TMI from the making of Layover – this interview with a twist unpacks the many charms of the global star. 

“In life, going directly to your final destination is pretty rare. So through this “Layover”,  I hope people can take a break, self-reflect, and look back on your goals. I wish that everyone, including myself, would not neglect themselves because they are too focused on their work. When working or doing something, rather, I hope they can think about their health and happiness and other aspects of their mental well-being. Sometimes, it’s okay to take a break,” says V in the UNBOXING SHOW. 

Catch these episodes and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage on Spotify’s K-Pop ON! video podcast and YouTube channels.

For your daily dose of K-Pop, follow @SpotifyKpop on Twitter, and tune in to the K-Pop ON! Playlist on Spotify.

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