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Charles Martinet retires as the voice of Mario, New talent will start with Super Mario Wonder

Long time Mario voice Charles Martinet has officially retired as the voice of Mario according to Nintendo; we can expect to hear a new person to voice Mario for the next Mario game coming out soon titled Super Mario Wonder.

Martinet has stepped down as the voice of Mario which he has been working on for the past 30 years, meaning all the cool and not-so-cool games featuring Mario has been voiced by this fan-favorite voice actor.

Martinet even voiced a character and technically made a “cameo” in the Super Mario Bros Movie this year. He played Mario’s grandfather Guisseppi in the film.

“While Charles is not involved in the game, we’re excited to honour his legacy and contributions, including looking ahead to what he’ll be doing as a Mario Ambassador,” Nintendo said.

In addition to being the original voice of Mario, he’s also voiced Luigi, Wario and Waluigi in the video games.

What’s planned in the future for Martinet is apparently, being the new Nintendo ambassador who will be travelling around the world and doing autographs.

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