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First Look at the Seven Dwarves from Disney’s Snow White Live Action

Here’s a look at the Seven Dwarves for the upcoming Snow White Live action film from Walt Disney Studios

Snow White and the Seven dwarves

The film stars Rachel Zegler as Snow White while Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) was cast as the Evil Queen.

As you can see however, Disney looks to have changed the dwarves to seven diverse characters. Even Jackass star Wee Man is offended that Disney didn’t even bother casting actual dwarves or little people for the role.

And on top of that the film has been blasted for replacing Snow White’s background from being caucasian or European with white skin and black hair with the latina Rachel Zegler.

The film will be directed by Marc Webb and is written by Dorothy Ann Blank. The film is scheduled for release 2024. It given the WGA and SAG-AFTA strike this could be pushed to 2025 at the latest.

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