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The LEGO Batman Movie Review

Sharing my thoughts on the film The LEGO Batman Movie from Warner Bros. Pictures featuring the voices of Will Arnett as LEGO Batman and Michael Cera as LEGO Robin.

lego batman movie poster
Given how popular Batman got during The LEGO Movie it didn’t take WB long to realize he had to have a movie. They did take awhile to make the movie but hey it was worth it.

The LEGO Batman Movie has got everything for everybody. For the kids we have everything in this film. Hardcore Batman fan? Get ready to wet your pants as it gives you everything Batman including obscure bad guys. Adults will love the humor here and they even managed to sneak in a dirty joke here and there.

Na na na na na na na Batman

Dios mio the film doesn’t let up when it comes to jokes, self-deprecating humor and silliness. Would you believe there’s one outstanding “hugot” line in this movie?

For this outing it was a mortal sin not to have The Joker as the main villain and he’s played to almost- perfection by Zach Galifianakis (The Hangover, Keeping up with the Joneses). He’s actually a funny Joker. Its been awhile since we had an actual joke-y Joker. He doesn’t hit the benchmark which is Mark Hamill Joker but he’s certainly on top 3.

And its not just The Joker. It’s pretty much every rogue in Batman’s Rogue Gallery from Riddler (Conan O’Brien) to Clayface to Killer Croc and even Gentleman Ghost. Nobody’s left behind here AND they all get their own character specific vehicles. So awesome.

The LEGO Batman Movie also takes advantage of the rich history of Batman plus his various appearance in different mediums and uses that to spin comedic moments and twists. They even went as recent as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice…

To as far as Adam West’s Batman ’66.

The movie also sticks with the kiddie formula by injecting some bits of morality and relationship feels here and there. There’s the usual power of friendship trope, the tried-and-tested new father and son dynamic and even that overused “change of heart” for the protagonist.

It’s also a fresh thing to see various other film licenses and properties crossover to The LEGO Batman Movie. It was a hoot to have Voldemort and Sauron go and wreak havoc on Gotham City. It’s just fun.


The LEGO Batman Movie deservers two to three more screenings. It’s that good and it’s got that high entertainment value. You don’t have to be a Batman fan to enjoy this film to be honest. You just have to buy the ticket, sit down and munch on that popcorn and be ready to laugh your guts out. Spot on voice acting for all the cast. This film is definitely one of the BEST Batman films EVER.



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