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Unleash the Filipino Warrior Within with MMORPG Ragnarok Origin’s New Guild League

Ragnarok Origin, a popular massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by Gravity, a renowned South Korean video game developer, is thrilled to announce the much-anticipated launch of their dynamic Guild League features in the Philippines.

Guilds have quickly become the most sought-after feature in Ragnarok Origin, providing an immersive and engaging platform for Filipino players to connect and forge lasting friendships. Recognizing the significance of this pivotal aspect, Gravity has poured its expertise into designing an unparalleled Guild gameplay experience. Boasting a plethora of gameplay options tailored to meet Filipino players’ diverse demands, the new Guild features will help Ragnarok Origin guilds to redefine social interaction within the game.


Guild features have been designed to enhance guild play and specifically tailored to meet the preferences and differing play styles of individual players including catering to casual, Player versus Environment (PVE) and Player versus Player (PVP) oriented players. Key elements include:


  • Guild Feasts – held every night at 22:00 (GMT+8), the Guild Feast serves as a delightful gathering where guild members can engage in various enjoyable social activities to build camaraderie. These include:

o   Cooking contests

o   Cream battles

o   Mysterious quests

All of these provide various rewards and titles to participating guild members and are intended to provide guilds with a fantastic opportunity to come together, relax, and bond after a hard day of adventuring!


  • Space-Time Anomaly– This event, held every Tuesday and Saturday at 22:30 (GMT+8), is designed to appeal to PVE-oriented players. The gameplay consists of individual players challenging boss creatures with four of their pets. Each challenge generates a score based on the performance of the player and their pets versus.


At the end of the event, individual rewards are distributed to players based on their score and the ranking they achieved within the guild but, in addition, more prizes are awarded based on the total guild score.

This event incentivizes all members of the guild to participate and help each other do well for the greater good of the Guild and themselves. Guild masters will need to motivate their members and will also have access to various buffs which, used strategically, can assist guild members to achieve better scores, thus benefiting the entire guild.


  • Guild Expedition – This guild event has been designed to appeal to PvP-oriented players seeking more excitement and thrills and happens every Thursday and Sunday at 22:30 (GMT+8). The Guild Expedition features five different maps, each corresponding to a different boss (MVP) offering varying rewards. This allows guilds to choose which boss to attack based on their needs.


In the event, guilds will be competing directly against one another to do the most damage to the MVP, but to add some complexity and strategy to the competition, the map also spawns a clone of the MVP – which is identical to the real MVP in every way, except that the clone possesses less HP. Guilds will need to scout and attack both the MVP and its clone to ascertain which one should be the primary target, all the while fending off players from a rival guild which will be trying to do the same thing.

Various other elements need to be factored in, including the ability of guild masters to purchase and apply buffs to their members, including increasing damage done, reducing damage taken, and increasing healing received. The teams that apply the smartest combination of strategy and tactics will be the most successful and rewarded.

Guilds will be ranked based on their achievements in the various guild events. In addition to the prizes outlined for each event, there will be other prestigious awards on offer including the Odin Cup, Thor Cup, Loki Cup, and Valkyrie Cup.

For detailed game guides and exclusive updates, eager Filipino players are encouraged to stay tuned to the official Ragnarok Origin website. Stay connected and join the vibrant discussions by following us on Facebook and joining our Discord community.

Download Ragnarok Origin now and embark on an unforgettable journey, where camaraderie and thrilling adventures await!


Facebook SEA: https://bit.ly/3Jg9bsC

Discord: https://bit.ly/43ZYd2k

Apple Store Google Play: https://bit.ly/3qLl7Mz

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