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Entertainment Earth launches exclusive Gwen Stacy Funko Pop

Entertainment Earth continues to dish out more Spider-Man related Funko Pops and this time it’s a new Gwen Stacy Funko Pop based on her classic look in the comics.

Gwen Stacy Funko pop entertainment earth

The figure is currently on pre-order on Entertainment Earth and priced at $14.99 and slated for release September 2023.

Check out more photos for the Gwen Stacy Funko Pop after the cut.

Gwen Stacy Funko pop entertainment earth

Gwen Stacy Funko pop entertainment earth

Iirc this was also what she was wearing when Norman Osborn aka Green Goblin abducted her as well as what she wore when she ultimately died when Spidey tried to save her from falling.

That was a major bummer. The not so bummer though is that you can now have two of Spider-Man’s lady loves in your collection as EE also recently revealed the Mary Jane Watson Funko Pop.

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