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Voltes V Legacy fan edits turn Eva Sanchez into Voltes Team member

Fans of Voltes V Legacy certainly showed their skills when they posted fan art depicting the character Eva Sanchez as a member of the Voltes team.

This was posted by Joriben Zabala on one of the Voltes V Legacy groups on Facebook and shows Eva (played by actress Elle Villanueva) taking over Jamie Robinson’s (Ysabel Ortega) position in the team even wearing her Voltes team uniform.

Here’s another art, still be Jori…

And there was another fan art also shared online showing Eva taking over Big Bert Armstrong’s position in the team.

For this fan art, she’s wearing Big Bert’s green uniform with the skirt replacing the pants that Bert usually wears.

This looks great and it also puts a nice “What If” feel to the ongoing series airing on GMA.

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