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FUJIFILM Business Innovation Launches New Automatic Print Inspection System for the Revoria PressTM PC1120

MANILA, April 20, 2023 ― FUJIFILM Business Innovation Philippines Corp. launches a new optional*1 inspection system (hereafter, “Print Inspection System”) for the production color press, Revoria PressTM PC1120, which caters to the high-end production printing market. The system automatically inspects printed material to detect defects and will be available to the Asia Pacific*2 region in stages starting from April 2023.

The Print Inspection System reduces lead time to delivery by improving efficiency and consistency in the quality control process of printed materials, without sacrificing the productivity of the Revoria Press TM PC1120.

During printing, the Print Inspection System automatically inspects printed materials for dots, stains, and pinholes, that are as small as 0.3 mm, as well as streaks, dog ears, registration misalignment, and variations in color density. This eliminates the burden of time-consuming visual quality checks while maintaining a consistent quality level for printed materials produced by different operators.

The sensors in the Smart Monitoring Gate D1 which is connected inline to the Revoria PressTM PC1120 scan every sheet during printing with a high resolution of 300 dpi. The Smart Print Inspector software installed in the Inspection PC then compares the scanned image with the original RIP data which serves as a reference, thereby detecting printing defects in real time. Operators can easily check the inspection results from the screen of the Revoria FlowTM PC21*3 print server.


About FUJIFILM Business Innovation

FUJIFILM Business Innovation is a global leader committed to continuously deliver innovations to customers’ businesses worldwide, for creating innovative and fulfilling workplaces by effectively adopting information and knowledge through digital transformation (DX). We have pioneered numerous technologies and accumulated expertise since our establishment in 1962, to build an environment that encourages the use of one’s creativity to maximize organizational strengths. Our portfolio includes conducting R&D, manufacturing and sales of world-class workflow solutions, IT services, and printing equipment such as digital multifunction printers (MFPs). We also offer business process outsourcing (BPO) services as well as marketing and implementation support of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.


On 1 April 2021, we have changed the company name to FUJIFILM Business Innovation. More than just a name change, it embodies our commitment to continue as a company that always pursues business innovation. https://fujifilm.com/fbglobal


About FUJIFILM Business Innovation Philippines Corp.

FUJIFILM Business Innovation Philippines Corp. (FUJIFILM BI PH) is a leading provider and trusted partner for quality document services and communications, enabling people and businesses to share knowledge across all platforms seamlessly. Established in 1965, FUJIFILM BI PH employs approximately 200 staff, including a team of industry leading professionals who support our portfolio of document management technologies, IT solutions, and customer communication services. FUJIFILM BI PH offers a holistic ecosystem of products and solutions to enable businesses to achieve increased productivity and efficiency. This includes world-class office multifunction devices, cloud and mobile solutions, multichannel marketing solutions, and business process management solutions.


FUJIFILM BI PH is a wholly owned subsidiary of FUJIFILM Business Innovation (Japan), a consolidated subsidiary of FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation. To learn more about FUJIFILM BI PH’s commitment to innovation, customer service and sustainability, please visit https://www.fujifilm.com/fbph/en.

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