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Ready, Set, Launch! SEAL-M to be Released with an Upgraded Gameplay Experience

MARCH 12, 2023 — Experience a wave of nostalgia with the return of one of the most adventurous and whimsical classic MMORPG, SEAL-M. This year, PLAYWITH, the developer of the popular game, is taking the game to the next level with better visuals, exciting gameplay and amazing prizes during its pre-registration event.

Last year, SEAL-M topped the Apple App Store charts in both popularity and sales when it was first released in Taiwan, proving its dominance in SEA. Recently, PLAYWITH announced its pre-registration event happening in the Southeast Asian region including countries like Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. The pre-registration event is still on-going with amazing prizes at stake such as an Apple iPad and Apple AirPods — to name a few.

While the game brings back a nostalgic feeling to all gamers with its mainstay characters like the Rascal Rabbit and Afro Tree, PLAYWITH guarantees a better gaming experience with its recent upgrades. While remaining true to its roots, SEAL-M has enhanced its unique cartoon rendering graphics and screen movement like a fairytale-like world. The newly enhanced SEAL-M takes it up a notch higher with a variety of exciting missions, other cute game elements, and an upgraded combo system that will surely bring joy to every player.

Moreover, gamers can join ‘SEAL Talk’ and make in-game friends, make use of the pairing system filled with unique personalities, and various combat elements such as dungeon battles against bosses, guild battles, and upgrading skills and equipment.

To date the game has over 500,000 pre-registrants, as the excitement builds up every week with exciting events and upgrades being announced by the end of the second quarter. Don’t miss out on updates! Visit and follow our Facebook page for more details. Pre-register now!

For more information about SEAL M itself please visit its official website and follow the SEAL M SEA Official Facebook Page and subscribe to PLAYWITH SEA  YouTube.

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