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Steve Blum and Zeb Orrelios returns to Star Wars in The Mandalorian S3E5

For fans who have missed the crew of Star Wars: Rebels, you’ll be happy to know that one particular character has made the jump from CG animation to live action and that is Zeb Orrellios played by Steve Blum.

Check out those few precious seconds that Zeb appeared in The Mandalorian.

And just like the folks of Twitter, I just thought that it was just another New Republic pilot that comes from the species as Zeb aka the Lasat.

But it turns out that the character was credited as Zeb and voiced by VA Stev Blum.

It’s also fun to note that Dave Filoni is also in this episode voicing the Trapper Wolf character. Rick Famuyiwa is also here as Jib Dodger.

It looks like we will be getting a live action reunion for the Ghost crew somewhere in the future as they already have cast other characters like Sabine Wren who is set to have a big role in the upcoming Star Wars spinoff series “Ahsoka” starring Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Tano.

Plus it’s also heavily teased that the main baddie from that animated series’ main baddie Admiral Thrawn will return at some point.

What do you guys think of Zeb’s surprise appearance in The Mandalorian S3E5? Leave a comment below and follow me on Twitter.

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