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My Hero Academia chapter 383 Spoilers – Ashida slightly evolves and shows how heroic she can be

My Hero Academia chapter 383 spoilers coming up! In this chapter we see just how heroic Mina Ashida is showing she has what it takes to be a hero in the world of My Hero Academia.


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In this chapter we catch up with the group of Mount Lady, Mina Ashido, Red Riot and Hitoshi Shinso. The fight rages on with the villains already using the gigantic Gigantomachia to cause as much damage as possible. Mount Lady gets beaten down by the sheer strength of her opponent and looks like she’ll bite the dust but Ashido makes the save.

She uses maximum output on her powers and regrets that she wasn’t able to do this the last time which is also why she asked for help from her classmates who underwent special training with their powers namely Katsuko Bakugo and Shoto Todoroki.

She’s able to stop Gigantomachia for a few minutes long enough for Mount Lady to get her bearings. Later in the chapter she’s also integral in freeing their teammate Shinso from League control where she uses her acid quirk to free Shinso from the enemy’s control.

Many readers were quick to point out that with the push in Ashido’s powers there are some physical changes that you’ll notice including her horns growing as well as her skin color changing slightly in some parts of her body.

Of course with Shinso free he is later able to take control of Gigantomachia and use the giant to their advantage as they continue to stop All for One in his grand scheme.


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