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The blocking of internet sites by the government currently seems to be happening in some countries around the world. Many network providers and ISPs in the countries supposedly restrict access to certain sites. The reasons for blocking also vary, but the dominant one is because it contains elements of pornography and terrorism.

There are several ways the government does to block; one example is the page showing a 404 error. The government’s supervision of internet content is worthy of thumbs up to avoid bad things that will damage society.

But unfortunately, sometimes the blocking is not right on target. Some useful sites are also frequently blocked, as was the case with Reddit some time ago, even though the site has a lot of useful content for users.

Just imagine, when we are having fun surfing the internet and cyberspace, the site we are accessing is blocked. Of course, this will be very disturbing to our comfort. The site does not necessarily contain elements of pornography and racial intolerance.

In addition, some important sites that are blocked may need information at some point for certain purposes. The solution for opening a blocked site is certainly needed to enjoy content services or websites that have been blocked.

To overcome such obstacles, we will provide some tips on this occasion.

You can also use these tips to open sites blocked by the office network or connect using a hotspot network in public places. But remember, use these tips only for positive activities and not for negative reasons.

So, is there a way to open blocked sites on your phone or a PC on Google Chrome? Or use a Web Proxy? We will answer all of these questions in the following blog.


How To Free From Geo-Blocking


1. Using Express VPN


Express VPN is a VPN application that can be used on various devices, from Android, iOS, and Mac to Windows. The application for the Windows operating system is fairly simple. However, before use a VPN read this Expressvpn review to get a more thorough understanding. See whether it’s good for you.

You must drag the map and click on the country marker to start the connection. You can also browse the list of countries and save your favorite countries for faster access. For security, the app has multiple servers, which offer double protection by routing connections through two servers instead of one. Curious to try it?


2. Use Opera VPN


If you use the Opera browser, you can take advantage of the VPN feature in the browser or Opera browser. Download Opera first if you don’t have it. If so, please open Opera, then “menu,” and “new private windows.”

After that, try to notice a VPN written next to the site address. Please activate the VPN. Once active, you can easily access blocked sites.

This Opera VPN feature isn’t just for Opera on PC. Opera VPN can also be activated on a smartphone. You first download Opera on the Google Play Store. Remember, what is downloaded is Opera, not Opera Mini. After that, perform the same steps as enabling VPN in Opera VPN.


3. Open DNS

Sometimes, certain providers block sites using special DNS, for example, using DNS Newsletters, as explained at the beginning of the discussion. It is enough to change the DNS used on the computer connected to access the blocked site using the open DNS model.

A kind of DNS, which is usually powerful enough to unblock DNS, is OpenDNS. The trick is to open Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center. And then click on Change adapter settings. After that, on the active connection right, click and select properties.

For Windows 10, please open Network Settings, then the Wifi network that is already connected. Then, select the “edit” section. Please select “manual” and select internet protocol version 4, aka IPv4.

In the IPv4 section, then click the properties button below it. In the last step, please enter the DNS code in the DNS Address column. Please enter the preferred DNS server code (OpenDNS), then replace the alternate DNS with (OpenDNS). You can also search for other OpenDNS by googling. When finished, press OK.

Google itself has a special DNS with numbers and Unfortunately, Google’s DNS is no longer effective at opening blocked sites.


4. Anonymox


If you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers, then there is an easy way to open blocked sites. The trick is to use the Anonymox add-on. You just have to look for the Anonymox add-on in each of these browsers and install it.

However, before installing, ensure you have paid for this service first. That is, Anonymox is a paid VPN, whereas, in the past, this service was available for free. You can find information about Anonymox on their official website.

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