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Demon Slayer: Swordsmith Village Movie Review

Tanjiro Kamado and the rest of his demon slaying crew are back for a new theatrical release that aims to bridge the last arc (Entertainment District arc) and next major arc (Swordsmith Village arc) as we inch slowly towards the anime’s ending. So the bigger question for this review is what worked, what didnt and what we should expect next time. Here’s my Demon Slayer to the Swordsmith Village movie review!

What Worked?

The biggest factor that “worked” for me is that it’s Demon Slayer. That’s the main pull and the biggest draw.

The animation is spectacular especially during the final fight between Tanjiro Kamado, Zenitsu Agatsuma and Inosuke Hashibira together with the sound Hashira, Tengen Usui. The lights and effects are just plain awesome including those moments when Zenitsu and Tanjiro using their skills to take down Upper Six members Daki and Gyutaro.

The next bit also features the fallout from the defeat of the siblings and pushes the story forward while at the same time introducing us to the new cast of characters for the next arc. Have to admit that it was exciting to see all these things happening in the big screen. Plus this movie is also important if you want to see the main antagonists for the series known as the Upper Moon demons. The way they were introduced is definitely bad-ass

Another thing that I love that was adapted rather well was the gathering between the Upper Moon and Muzan Kibutsuji. It helps make him more intimidating just for the final battle ahead.

It also gives us a nice look into season 3’s Muichiro Tokito and Mitsuri Kanroji¬†and even Sanemi’s brother Genya Shinazugawa albeit fast and brief.

What needed improvement?

Biggest gripe would be how the film felt lacking. They did market this as the beginning of the third season for the anime but I wasn’t expecting the film to end is a somber, quiet manner. I would have wished it to be this loud bang and crash movie with all the bells and whistles!¬†Too bad it pretty much ends with a whimper with things just starting to heat up between Tanjiro and the Demon Slayers who were in the secret Swordsmith Village.

Had they included one more big action scene in the end like say a movie exclusive, non-canon flashy fight between Tanjiro and Mist Hashira Miuchiro, that could have really sweetened the deal.



Demon Slayer to the Swordsmith Village movie is enjoyable but a bit of a mess. Hardcore fans would enjoy this as well as casual moviegoers. We promise its a good time and the merch are also to die for when you catch it on SM Cinemas but it might be lacking for people who want more or who enjoy their movies with a bit of technicality because let me level with you, just like the “sabaw” mind of the Mist Hashira and the general intellect of Kanroji, the film is topsy turvy. Can’t help but compare it to the visual masterpiece that is Demon Slayer Mugen Train.

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