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My Hero Academia Chapter 380 – The UA Business Course proves how it can be heroic

The UA Business Course students gave readers an idea of how business courses in a superhero school can still be deemed “heroic” as seen in a few pages of My Hero Academia Chapter 380!

Spoilers for My Hero Academia chapter 380 down below:


In this chapter we see two business course students risking their lives filming Gentle (formerly known as Gentle Criminal) as he saves the school from falling from the sky. Even if both students have been ordered to return, they ignore the order and continue filming. The cool part here is that they admit that there was a flaw with how things went down around the time Endeavor became Japan’s # 1 hero. They did not give positive PR and proper information and awareness about the new hero which led to fake news and propoganda fed by All for One and his League of Villains. 

They even say that this is how they are heroic and how this is their way of showing their value.

And it makes sense. Doing marketing and PR is an essential part of business in a world filled with superpowered individuals.

After these two’s statements, La Brava makes herself known and tells the students that she has hacked into their phone. 


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