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Sins of Sinister # 1 Spoilers – Sinister effs up everything

Nathaniel Essex aka Mr Sinister has finally made a move against the mutants of Krakoa, the X-Men and the Quiet Council as we begin the new event book Sins of Sinister. Here are major Sins of Sinister # 1 spoilers!

Spoilers for Sins of Sinister # 1 by Kieron Gillen, Lucas Werneck and Bryan Valenza.

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At the start of this story, at 0 year of the story, we see that the Quiet Council aka the stars of Gillen’s Immortal X-Men have officially exiled their member Mister Sinister to the depths of Krakoa.

It’s also been revealed that Sinister has already been able to take over key members of Krakoa starting with Charles Xavier.

As well as Emma Frost, Hope Summers and Exodus.

With these four in place and having major sway in the Quiet Council, they are able to proceed with Sinister’s next agenda which is to get more human DNA and genetics to add to Sinister’s catalogue.

Flash forward to one year later and we see Ben Urich trying to break important news to J. Jonah Jameson regarding the “mutant gift” to humanity which gives limited X-Gene to people. Urich has found out that there are traces of Sinister in the serum that is administered to humans which makes them easy to control.

He is too late though as Jameson has already been controlled by Sinister. Urich is taken away.

Back in Krakoa, Forge has become another puppet of Sinister and the council convinces Forge to create an orbital laser that will instantly kill Krakoa.

Hope Summes gleefully pulls the trigger, rendering Krakoa dead.

Then a bunch of things happened. Krakoa dies, Cypher is killed by a mind-controlled Wolverine and Emma Frost announces to the world that Orchis has launched an attack at the X-Men and has killed Krakoa. With the island’s death, the humans can no longer be revived because that database is with Krakoa. The mutants can still be brought back thanks to magic and Scarlet Witch.

This also makes Orchis the number one target for mutants and humans alike.

With the help of the Avengers and the Fantastic Four, the X-Men are finally able to get rid of Orchis and even found a way to defeat Nimrod, who has been a constant thorn on their side since the Krakoa-era began.

The Quiet Council also brings back Sinister who was exiled some time ago.

Of course, he leaves them to their own devices and returns to his lab where he sort of breaks the fourth wall by telling us what he’s done so far.

In the end Sinister even managed to turn the Avengers into the world’s enemy by turning Captain America into one of his puppets, another by-product of Sinister meddling with the cloning measures.


Later, Storm confronts the council starting with calling out the fake Nightcrawler that’s been hanging around the council.

And Sinister re-appears with the real Nightcrawler who he has turned into his pet and looking more demonic than usual.

All hell breaks lose at this point, Storm lashes out and learns that the entire Quiet Council has been compromised. It’s also revealed that she put some protection for her mind to avoid getting mind-controlled by Xavier and the other powerful members of the council. She also uses her attack as a way to escape Krakoa and is teleported somewhere else where Mystique and Destiny wait for her.

With Storm gone and the Council now completely controlled by Sinister, the villain goes away to his secret island and secret lab and is surprised to find out that somebody stole his entire lab.

Not only is Sinister’s lab missing, he’s also effectively trapped in his lab with no way of escaping.

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