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Record of Ragnarok season 2 review

The battle between gods and mankind continues with the second season of Record of Ragnarok now streaming on Netflix. Here’s my Record of Ragnarok season 2 review!

The animation continues to look glorious even when it’s downright gory. You just have to love the color matching and the visual effects this season. While its very uniform with the first season you could spot some improvements here and there like the fight between Shiva and Raiden where they subtly change the color grading to match the brutal “dance” between these two.

I’m actually quite happy with the style they take with the narrative now by fleshing out rivalries and teasing us with more new characters as well as giving us more meat with already established characters like Loki and Odin. In fact, its this season that Odin actually does something at all rather than just watch, making us think that he’s involved with whatever grand plan this tournament has. It also gives us a glimpse of what his power is.

Familiar leads from the first season also take a backseat for the entirety of the second season namely Zeus and Brunhilde. In fact, Brunhilde’s pretty much quiet here in season 2. I actually barely noticed Zeus here in fact. But when he does make an appearance or utters something it propels the story further as well as reminds us that this isn’t just the standard dragged out tournament arc but rather something sinister is happening and we don’t know it yet.

You’ll also get a kick at how silly and almost fanboy-ish Ares the Greek God of War is here. The guy’s a Hercules simp here which is fun to watch.

Sooooo I’m not really into the manga version so there might be things that didn’t get picked up for the anime series but I feel like the finished product is still satisfying especially the Hercules vs Jack the Ripper fight.

Although I really didn’t like the Hercules back story that much. I much rather wanted to see Jack the Ripper’s backstory and how tragic that was. Plus the fight between the two was worlds better compared to the other one which was Tameemon Raiden vs Shiva. Also frowning on changing his backstory from being an actual son of Zeus to somebody who was so noble and pure that he was able to absorb Ambrosia and turn into a god. I did like the changing designs for Hercules’ club.

Man oh man, that fight is also all sorts of crazy. It’s definitely a nice example of confused boner. Mankind needs more wins but the champion in front of them is one of the worst humans that lived and they are more drawn to the God’s representative to cheer on which shouldn’t be the case.


Prepare for a good time with this action-packed anime series! It’s bloody good and at the very least, moving with the backstory for each combatant.

What do you think of Record of Ragnarok season 2 so far? Love it or hate it? Leave a comment below and follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more geek news!

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