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Stuber Review

Dave Batista and Kumail Nanjiani partner up for the new comedy Stuber. Check out my Stuber review which is also directed by Michael Dowse. NOW SHOWING!

Stuber was one of those movies that you really don’t have so much expectations, you know its a “buddy cop” movie with lots of dirty jokes, lots of fights and all sorts of crazy shit. The biggest difference here for the film is the fact that its led by “The Animal” himself, Dave Batista together with top-tier comedian Kumail Nanjiani.

The unlikeliness of the two main leads together with the absurdity of the plot is what really got me good with the movie. Batista’s macho man character surprisingly blends well with Nanjiani’s neurotic, whiny Uber driver and as we journey through the story, its nice to see some changes between the two.

Have to warn you though, the movie has a lot of violence and bad language. But in this post-Deadpool society, that shouldn’t be an issue. Still, if you’ve got a weak stomach, “Stuber” may be a challenge to watch.

Nanjiani’s comedic chops gets put to the test here as he’s playing a character that’s whiny, almost too-sensitive. He’s the one that’s really a fish out of the water here and that’s what makes the story engaging. Batista on the other hand excelled with both physical comedy and his own style, the stoic yet serious. There were a few moments here in the film where you find yourself chuckling because of the line that the former WWE star delivered.

Plot-wise, its nonsensical but that doesn’t mean its fun. What I mean is that its really brainless and simple. You got to watch it to really experience and have fun with it though. Just dont look for any serious plot beats because this doesn’t have that. Well if you call the two being able to catch the main bad guy Iko Uwais then that’s there. But honestly, thats going from point A to point Z.

Keep your eyes peeled too for Karen Gillan who I wasn’t aware was part of the movie. The makeup was so good, that it’ll be too late to realize that you’ve been looking at Nebula this whole time.

Stuber Review – Verdict


Mindless fun is what I call Stuber. It works for your funny bone but that’s about it. It won’t disappoint you though but to be on the safe side, lower thy expectations. Also have to give a kudos to Dave Bautista who really went all out with his comedy and action-hero status. While I personally don’t want to see a sequel, I would definitely watch more Batista in comedy flicks.

Also a minus too for not giving WWE fans a Batista bomb anywhere in the movie. That would have really sweetened the deal tbh.




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