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Robin vs Gotham Girl (Batman # 77)

Who would win in a Robin vs Gotham Girl fight? Batman # 77 answers that question and the winner is who we thought it would be. Spoilers from Batman # 77 by Tom King and Mikel Janin.

This is by the way the third part of the storyarc City of Bane.

We start the whole Robin vs Gotham Girl fight hot with Robin attracting the attention of Gotham Girl, who has allied herself already with Bane.

One on one, Damian Wayne would be outmatched. Gotham Girl, after all, has superhuman strength, speed and flight. She’s pretty much a Gotham version of Supergirl. But hey, this is Robin we’re talking about. Not only has been trained by Batman, he also has mad ninja skills thanks to his League of Assassins upbringing.

He’s also trained with Batman when it comes to the art of prep time so he did not face Gotham Girl unprepared. He actually brought along a wand that belonged to Klarion the Witch Boy which he then uses on his hapless opponent.

And because it was never clear where she got her powers, its really safe to assume that magic would also be a weakness, and its a weakness that Damian Wayne exploits to his advantage.

Really cool Robin vs Gotham Girl fight. Wanted to see a longer, fleshed out fight but we still have a story to tell and there’s still a member of the Bat-family that needs to die.

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