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New details for Gamera Rebirth teases episode count and other stuff

Kadokawa Studio has released a new Gamera Rebirth teaser which gives us a number of new details including the number of episodes fans can expect from this new series.

Check out the new Gamera Rebirth teaser below:

So according to this new Gamera Rebirth teaser trailer, we will be getting six episodes for this series which is the first Gamera project for the Reiwa Era of Japan.

It was also revealed in the teaser trailer above that Gamera would be fighting 5 kaijus although we don’t know who they are or what they would look like. Maybe we can see those Kaijus as we come closer to the series’ release.

Also check out the original teaser for “Rebirth” down below:

The project will be directed by Shusuke Kaneko who says this about the exciting project:

“When I proposed my own concept for Gamera in the Reiwa era, Kadokawa was already working on a new project. The content seemed to make sense to me, so I have high expectations for this project as well. So, as a baseball commentator with experience as a Gamera team manager, I will continue to support it until it wins the championship and I take the plate again.”

In case you’re not familiar with Gamera, here’s a rundown from his Wikipedia page:

is a fictional monster, or kaiju, originating from a series of Japanese films. Debuting in the 1965 film Gamera, the Giant Monster, the character and the first film were intended to compete with the success of Toho’s Godzilla film series. Since then, Gamera has become a Japanese icon in his own right, appearing in a total of 12 films produced by Daiei Film and later Kadokawa Daiei Studio, and various media.

Gamera is depicted as a giant, fire-breathing, prehistoric turtle monster, mutated by exposure to nuclear weapons. In the first film, Gamera is portrayed as aggressive and destructive, though he also saves a child. As the films progressed, Gamera took on a more benevolent role, becoming a protector of humanity, and especially children, from extraterrestrial races and other giant monsters.

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