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Tag-Init Review – Franki Russell, Yen Durano

Here’s my Tag-Init review which is now streaming on VivaMax and stars Franki Russell, Yen Durano, Clifford Pusing, Ali Asistio, Aerol Carmelo and more. The film is directed by Joey Reyes!

The film is your standard “sexual awakening” in paradise film with some of Viva’s latest talents namely PBB’s Franki Russell and DJ Durano’s daughter and the fiery Yen Durano. The film follows the story of Martin (Pusing) who visits Batangas for some sun and beach together with his friends Chino (Ali Asistio), Paolo (Aerol Carmelo), and Paolo’s girlfriend Nadine (Yen Durano.) During their stay in the beach house, Martin spots Adele (Franki Russell) who happens to be staying in the beach house as a guest of a rich politician’s son.

The formula’s pretty standard and the love story element’s pretty generic too. Boy spots sexy girl, sexy girl is in a complicated relationship. Meanwhile boy also interacts with his friends who are equally horny and they have their own trip and their own problems to deal with. My problem with these types of stories is the ending is what makes it a hit or a miss. We all know that the couple won’t last but its we want the lead to enjoy and learn. Here in Tag-Init we get that, we get that beat for beat but for me, it could have been better. Things were left very open-ended too. It seemed like its the “barkada” that got some sense of catharsis or closure.

Acting wise, all of the cast were good. Franki Russell is getting better with each Vivamax project she’s doing which spells good news for the actress. But the really scene stealer for the film has got to be Yen Durano whose Nadine perfectly encapsulates liberated ladies of today. She might be a little crass with her words but she’s just being true to her self. She’s also very sexual as a person. Durano even got the more spicier scenes including a threesome with the two male stars.

Russell’s Adele is also an interesting character as there were moments in the film where we get to share the pain and the confusion that she’s going through. Chalk it up to Reyes’ expertise when it comes to developing these scenes as well as Russell’s natural charm and we feel the character’s plight.

Nothing much with the locale that they chose for the movie. Unlike other movies where the location has a character of its own particularly the chaos of films like Scorpio Nights 3, this film has a tamer setting.

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