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Girlfriend na Pwede Na Review – Kim Molina, Jerald Napoles

Here’s my Girlfriend na Pwede na review from Viva Films. The film is directed by Benedict Mique and stars Kim Molina and Jerald Napoles.

The film revolves around a young online seller, Pam (Kim Molina) who is dumped by her longtime boyfriend Jiggs. To win him back, she employs a buko vendor she meets named Isko (Napoles) to play the part of her new and rich boyfriend who wants to fund a movie directed by Jiggs. The new “couple” decide to role play a bit more and posting their new “relationship” on social media to make the ex-boyfriend jealous.

The last two Molina starrers I watched ranged from really good to OK namely Jowable and Ang Babaeng Walang Pakiramdam. So I have no doubts that this would be good. And with a different director I did have a good time. Molina and real life partner Napoles had a lot of great moments together.  Individually they are hilarious but together, it becomes an event.

I love the natural chemistry between the two of them whether they were shooting scenes in Baguio to the physical comedy that’s prevalent throughout the film.

I also don’t know why but if its these two cussing out, it sounds funny.

Speaking of words and quotes, there’s a ton of quotable stuff here and some that are unexpectedly good from Isko and Pam.

Now for the sad parts about the flick.

The movie suffers from what I call the downhill effect towards the third part. I don’t know, they were able to find a good mix at the first and second act where there’s drama but there’s also comedy. But come the third act, it feels robotic. Like the characters were just going through the motions hurtling towards the film’s conclusion. They somehow lost that “laugh-a-minute” magic towards the end.

Also its so unrealistic for Baguio to be traffic. That’s the biggest sin the movie’s committed if you ask me.

Pero still, the film ends on a high note (pun intended if you saw the film already) and it’s got a positive spin to it.

Verdict: 9/10

While it does suffer from formulaic approach and a standard rom-com tropes, Girlfriend na pwede na is light-hearted and has a feel-good vibe to it.

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