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Dehya and Mika official description revealed in Genshin Impact FB page

Hoyoverse has posted official details and descriptions for two upcoming characters for their game Genshin Impact namely Dehya and Mika.

Dehya is the upcoming Pyro-Claymore user while Mika is rumored to be a Hydro-Catalyst user.


Genshin Impact Dehya

“Sing a song, sing along, take your sitar, let’s sing all day long.”
“Sing my sword, sing my bow, sing my tattered ban-dan-oh.”
“Fear no one, fear no lad, only fear if Dehya is mad.”
“We love Dehya, she’s beautiful and strong. Oh, our precious Dehya, we’ll never do you wrong.”
— A song sung by the members of “Blazing Beasts” around the campfire
◆ Dehya
◆ Flame-Mane
◆ Unfettered Desert Mercenary
◆ Pyro
◆ Mantichora


Genshin Impact Mika

“I recruited Mika into the expedition team to hone his combat skills. As for why he reports directly to me… Well, since Jean isn’t with us, I needed someone trustworthy to deal with all the odd errands, hahaha.”
— Varka’s “explanation” to “Alder Knight” Frederica after a session of drinking.

◆ Mika
◆ Coordinates of Clear Frost
◆ Front-Line Land Surveyor of the Knights of Favonius
◆ Cryo
◆ Palumbus

We already saw Mika in a recent cutscene where he brings back a letter from the Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius as they are currently on a big expedition, which also explains why Jean is just the acting-grandmaster. Maybe Mika’s plot will tie into the Traveler and Paimon reaching either Fontaine or beyond.

Anyway, following the old trend Hoyoverse does with this reveals (like the one for Faruzan), we kinda know that Dehya’s five star while Mika would be a four star character.

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