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Pioneer blockchain entrepreneur named among Blockchain Champions at the Inaugural Philippine Block Awards

Considered one of the nation’s pioneering individuals in the blockchain industry, Traxion Tech Inc. CEO Ann Cuisia has been honored as one of the Blockchain Champions during the inaugural Philippine Block Awards.

The Blockchain Champion Award recognizes educators, researchers, or scientists who have made exceptional gains in advancing knowledge of the transformative power of blockchain technology. The award was presented during the glittering closing night and awards program of the first-ever Philippine Blockchain Week at Sheraton Manila Hotel in Pasay City last December.

“Our company believes in transparency, equal access to any technology, and financial inclusion, so blockchain is just perfect for that. We encourage exploring more use cases of blockchain,” Cuisia said. “We’re humbled to receive this award, recognizing the efforts of simple startup founders who are really trying to pave the way towards this new technology.”

With more than 20 years of information technology experience, Cuisia has advanced in the corporate scene of banking and finance and has led several women startup founders. She is now leading the whole Traxion Tech direction on enabling blockchain across economies from building use cases and engineering the groundwork for Web3 to reach its potential.


In 2021, Cuisia was named among Asia’s top 10 Women Disruptors in Blockchain from the Philippines for being a key figure in promoting blockchain technology even amid the pandemic. Early in 2019, Traxion Tech and its partners launched Kadena Hub, a blockchain accelerator hub for startups situated in Mindanao. Kadena Hub was recognized by the government as a game-changer when it comes to emerging technologies.


The Blockchain Champion Award recipients are thought leaders in their field, people who have greatly influenced blockchain research, development, and education.


Next-Generation Technologies


Blockchain technology is revamping the fintech industry in myriad ways, such as generating more revenue, improving the end-user experience, delivery process, efficiency, and reducing risks in business operations.

On Day 2 of the Philippine Blockchain Week, Cuisia presented how Traxion Tech led the move to deliver blockchain benefits to underserved communities when it partnered with Davao-based supermall New City Commercial Center (NCCC) to provide grocery credits to cooperative members and small business employees.

Following her speech, Cuisia sat down for a leadership fireside chat where she underscored the need to involve more fintech startups and encourage them to build simple use cases of blockchain as an important milestone for the Philippines to become the “blockchain capital” of Asia.

Building on this, Cuisia pictured a financially inclusive Philippines where security in terms of regulations, infrastructure, and protocols strengthen the public’s confidence and trust in the system.

“With the experience I had with the grassroots, I would say being unbanked doesn’t mean being unserved. They could be underserved, and that’s why technology companies like us would like to address this gap in our society. With all these innovations we’re rolling out and implementing in the Philippines, we would like to reach out to the poorest of the poor and make them the heart of our financial services. Whether in the form of banking technology or wallet technology, we want everyone to be included,” she noted.

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About TraXion Tech

TraXion Tech exists to help elevate the social-impact quotient (SIQ) of any business or organization it works with through transformative technology. Its goal is to ensure fairness for the most underserved segments of society by giving them access to the same services and benefits available to the rest of society.

The tech company is building a blockchain ecosystem of organizations that the people at the bottom of the pyramid trust. It is creating a better bank where they bring the bank closest to the unbanked through blockchain technology and seamless integration with banks and businesses.

As a company, it is focused on enabling the enablers of the bottom of the pyramid, first in the Philippines, then throughout Southeast Asia.

Website: https://traxiontech.net

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/traxiontech/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/traxiontech

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