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Discover why Coins Champion JP is keen on educating Filipinos about digital finance

JP Grabador, a mobile developer, shares how Coins.ph helps him achieve his financial goals and why he wants to help others learn more about digital finance and cryptocurrency.

MANILA, Philippines, January 26, 2023 Most Filipinos dream of reaching financial freedom,  whether it’s to retire early, be able to afford luxury items and travel the world, or simply give back to their families. With new ways to earn passively springing up everyday, Filipinos have more ways to achieve this and Coins Champion JP Grabador, a young mobile developer, is one of those who took advantage of the rise of crypto and found success.


The Dream of Financial Freedom

Looking to support his family, JP immediately started looking for a job after graduating but realized that most fresh grads did not earn a high-enough income to cater to their families needs. JP knew that he needed to find another source of income to achieve his goal.


The young developer researched online on ways to earn extra income and eventually came across cryptocurrency and Coins.ph. He discovered the opportunity to invest in crypto and leverage the Coins app to convert his earnings into Peso for real-world transactions. With Coins, JP has been able to earn more and nearly double his investments which has allowed him to pay off his debts and help his family with monthly bills.


To this day, JP sets aside a portion of his income from his day job and invests it in cryptocurrency through Coins, knowing that his investments can be rewarded in the near future.


A Champion for All

As JP’s success grows, he wants to guide others to succeed and discover the benefits of digital finance by becoming a Coins Champion. He continuously shares his experience on cryptocurrency and the benefits of using Coins to other Filipinos who are starting out.


“For me, cryptocurrency is rewarding if you properly do your research and not go in blindly. As a Coins Champion, I want to mentor others and show them the opportunities of crypto and the tools that Coins has readily available for Filipinos to succeed financially,” says JP.


For JP, Coins helps him to conveniently do his real world transactions through one seamless app, whether it’s to pay his bills, buy load, or even send money to loved ones around the Philippines. Another feature that JP is excited to share with others is the extensive educational content on crypto that Coins Academy provides to Filipinos who are interested in learning about the thriving industry.


If you’re looking to learn from JP and how you can make the most of Coins’ service, then join us in our Discord and Telegram channels for daily news on cryptocurrency, product updates and more.


If you’re just like JP, a person who discovered the benefits of using Coins and want to spread the positive word, you can apply to be a Coins Champion here.


For more information about Coins.ph, visit https://coins.ph and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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