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Somebody just turned Donnalyn Bartolome into a prayer material, calling her St. Donnalyn after her new year controversy

LOOK: Somebody just turned Donnalyn Bartolome into a prayer material calling her St. Donnalyn following her recent new year controversial statement online.

You can check out the images in their full size down below:

For starters, there’s the front which uses an old photo of the actress and vlogger wearing what seems to be a “Reina Elena” or Santacruzan attire; probably for an event she appeared in before.

Flip the prayer material over and you can see a screenshot of her infamous Facebook post which met with negative response from netizens.

And in case you don’t know what exactly she said stated (and I’m paraphrasing here) is that people shouldn’t be sad because they are going back to work. They should be happy that they have work to speak of. Many people think that she was out of touch with her comments and at the same time some were concerned that she invalidates other people’s feeling. Some still call her out for being this “positive” while coming from a place of priviledge.

Still there are many followers of the youtube content creator who came to her defense as well as a number of celebrities like Kuya Kim Atienza who says that the comment she posted came from a good place and that he is still a fan of the influencer’s work.

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