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New Guardians of the Galaxy series coming in April starting with GROOTFALL arc, team gets new looks for new volume

The Guardians of the Galaxy are returning to comic books with a new volume starting with an arc titled Grootfall. Not only will they return but they’ll also be sporting new looks for this new volume.

Check out what they all look like after the cut.

The first teaser for the new ongoing Guardians features a very different looking team minus Rockt and Groot who seems to be the main focal point for the series’ first arc.

And when I say that team looks different, they look really different. Star-Lord is looking like a Western lawman/ gunslinger, Mantis is now not green and sports what looks to be a giant gauntlet where he arm should be. Drax aka Drax the Destroyer has gone caveman and sports fur from what we could only assume are his fallen prey.

Lastly, the sisters Nebula and Gamora look more like space pirates rather than members of a superhero team dedicated to “guard” the Galaxy.

It’s really too bad that the last volume of GOTG didn’t last long because that team was PACKED and don’t forget they even have Doctor Doom in their team for a short time which is a feat of itself already.

More developments soon I hope.

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