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Krysten Ritter teasing her involvement in Marvel’s Daredevil: Born Again series

Jessica Jones actress Krysten Ritter is teasing us whether or not she’s involved in the upcoming Disney+ series being developed by Marvel titled Daredevil: Born Again which stars Charlie Cox as the Man Without Fear, Matt Murdock aka Daredevil.

Two things about the picture that continues to make fans speculate on whether or now we’ll be seeing Ritter’s superpowered detective Jessica Jones are as follows:

  1. She’s wearing what appears to be a cast shirt for the Daredevil: Born Again show. Not everybody has that and it takes a little longer for T-shirt printers to get that because they are waiting for design leaks and such online. So if she’s part of the cast, she will be getting the shirt early (probably as early as after signing the contract to appear in the show).
  2. She’s actually hitting the gym and she’s stated it herself. Gym photos has this extra layer for Hollywood celebrities since that means that they need to get in shape especially if their roles are more physical in nature and we all know how much of an asskicker Jessica Jones is. Plus it’s reported that its only one month before production for Born Again begins so the two things line up just right.

Still though, we need to file this in our collective heads as “speculation”. Nothing solid, nothing conclusive although it would be a nice thing to see Jessica pop out to give one-time help to her former Defenders teammate Daredevil.

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