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This Dude Spent Php 25,000 on a Charess Standee at Cosplay Matsuri 2022

I just had to blog about this as apparently a guy named Gary just dropped Php 25,000 on a single Charess standee at yesterday’s Cosplay Matsuri 2022!

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It looks like our boy Gary looks pretty pleased with his winning bid and the prize which is a standee of Charess cosplaying Yoimiya, the fire archer from Hoyoverse’s Genshin Impact.

Also guys before you bash and diss Gary, reminder that this is his money and he’s using it however the hell he wants. Back in the day though, I probably have a lot of things to say; remember there was a time that somebody bought an oversized tarp at another cosplay convention and everybody had “hanash” over it. Well not this geek. Just be kind ok?

So anyway, this drop is certainly something we should expect for the Cebu-based cosplayer who is definitely the talk of the town. Even Alodia Gosiengfiao has nice words for her.

Plus the quality of her work is just really awesome. Check out her recent cosplay as Ada Wong from the Resident Evil franchise.

Kudos to both parties and I’m pretty sure if she sold her “risque” cosplay as a standee, it could rake it the big bucks.

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