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4 DIY Home Repairs Every Homeowner Should Master

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Managing a home can be challenging. Whether you’re someone trying to live solo for the first time or an experienced homemaker moving into a new abode, you have to prepare yourself for some amount of trouble-shooting at your home—loose pipes, a wall that needs to be repainted, a table with a loose foot, the likes. While it’s easier to hire or ask someone to help you out, this isn’t always convenient for your wallet and on situations when you need to have something fixed ASAP.

Basic DIY, therefore, is one thing that should be on the skill set of anyone planning to live alone. Here, we list all the common household problems you might encounter and the basic tools you need to fix them.

1. Pipe Adjustment
Pipes have a tendency of getting loose and creaky through time due to the constant rush of water hammering them. When this happens, you might notice them making noises every time you turn the faucet on or flush the toilet. You can easily fix this by re-attaching and re-tightening the loose pipe using pliers, particularly the water pump ones.

2. Hole drilling

Drilling and making holes in walls and surfaces is something that you’ll encounter every now and then. You might have to do it if you’re planning to hang a picture frame or create new screw holes on furniture that need reinforcement. Whatever your reason is, having a piece of equipment like a hand or power drill can come in very handy for basic home management and repair tasks.

3. Repainting

A repaint job may sound tedious but it’s actually something you can easily do on your own. For basic wall repainting, you’ll need a primer, roller tray, tray liners, and of course, paint. Before painting a wall, make sure to scrub it clean, fill in any holes or cracks, and prime it before painting. It will take a bit of effort, but at least this is a lot cheaper than hiring someone to do it for you!

4. Broken Furniture

It’s always a lot easier to buy new furniture, but it’s not always the most affordable option to go for if you’re trying to save. If you think your broken table or chair can still be salvaged, grab a handy hammer and some heavy-duty glue to patch them together. Reinforcing screws with hand drills can also make certain pieces work like they’re new.

5. Light Problems

Some wiring problems are better left off to the pros, but there are some simple tasks that you can DIY, too. A good example is a broken light switch. Sometimes when the light won’t turn on, it’s not because of a busted bulb but a loose or ruined switch. Using screwdrivers, unscrew your switch cover and carefully remove the wires connected to the screw for electricity. When you’re sure it’s safe, re-assemble or replace your light switch and re-screw it.

Planning to go DIY means you’ll have to make sure that you have the necessary hardware tools to do the job. Unfortunately, building your own toolset can get expensive, especially if you will be starting from scratch. The good news is that you can now buy all the basic tools mentioned above—and so much more—using Home Credit’s hardware tools installment plans. Now, you can purchase power, hand, electrical, and plumbing tools you need for basic DIY using its installment options. It’s not even limited to hardware tools alone. You can also avail houseware, small household appliances and furniture, automotive, garden, and outdoor tools, even pet needs using their plans. You can bundle the items, so you can easily customize what you’re buying depending on what you need for your home.

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