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Hasbro teases Marvel Legends Franklin Richards figure definitely coming 2023

Hasbro has released a bunch of photos for their upcoming Marvel Legends Franklin Richards release together with a bunch of accessories and possibly coming 2023!

And judging from Hasbro’s style of teasing out a figure then revealing it as part of a set, I would say that they would either come out with a Future Foundation set or a new Marvel Legends Fantastic Four set although that would be a bummer because they just released a retro collection a while back.

Nothing really bombastic about this Marvel Legends Franklin Richards figure he does have some neat accessories with him and Turg too

but other than that, nothing else.

This could be more appealing though if they decided to make him as a part of a boxset with other members of the Richards family or the latest iteration of the Future Foundation. That could be cool.

And yes, this is the current version of Franklin Richards, who appeared in Dan Slott’s Fantastic Four run and not the blonde pre-teen who was crying when Human Torch died during Jonathan Hickman’s seminal Fantastic Four run.

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