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Donny Cates and Ryan Ottley driving the Hulk in new series

Donny Cates recently said goodbye to the Venom books via King in Black and his final issue of Venom where he worked for some 30+ issues together with Absolute Carnage and King in Black. Now he’s setting his sights on Marvel’s Green Goliath aka The Hulk starting November 2021.

After going for a horror theme with Immortal Hulk and introducing us to the “Devil Hulk” and the “Green Door”, Cates is teaming up with Invincible co-creator Ryan Ottley to do a series about Bruce Banner trying to find a way to contain Hulk’s rage in Hulk # 1. Check out the cover below and a sample page.

Man, this look impressive.

And now for the sample page without not a lot of context.

The very first salvo of this team will happen in the Free Comic Book Day Avengers/Hulk issue coming out in August 2021!

Here’s what Marvel.com wrote about this new series…

This unstoppable team of some of the industry’s greatest talent will helm a bold new era of Hulk that begins when Bruce Banner discovers a radical way to control the monster within. Could this mark the final end of the Green Goliath? Or will the extreme solution create something new—with massive consequences? Prepare to dive deep into the very core of Hulk’s rage in this thrilling epic that will explore this iconic character’s incredible—and destructive—legacy in a way no one has dared to before.

“Marvel just gave me the keys to the strongest one there is,” Cates said. “Haha… oh boy. You guys are just not ready for this. You’re about to find out what happens when Ryan Ottley and I get angry… and guess what? Well… pretty sure you’re gonna like us a lot when we’re angry.”

Also we have to note that Cates loves Hulk so much that he even used him in his Thanos story where he’s only one of the four living beings in the universe. He even got turned into Thanos’ pet…

And also got used in Absolute Carnage as one of the most powerful Venom host…

And now look, he’s officially writing an ongoing Hulk title. So happy for the dude. And while some of his stuff are hit or miss, I did love his Venom run and how he developed Eddie Brock. Hopefully the new creative team for the Venom books can provide more grounds for this story.

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