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CXO Innovation Summit 2022 Returns in Full Force (in Boracay no Less)

The VST-ECS CXO Innovation Summit 2022 is back in full force and this time they kick it into overdrive and held in the beautiful island of Boracay no less! Here are some thoughts and highlights from the event and why the future of IT, Innovations and cybersecurity has this bright beacon of hope moving forward!

Here’s a breakdown of what happened there in the stunning island of Boracay, particularly at the Shangri-La Hotel!

The event was attended by more than dozen brands with various keynote speakers spread out throughout the conference’s 4 day itinerary. Here’s the breakdown of the topics :

  • Oracle – Modernization Secrets of the Pros
  • Trend Micro – Effective, Measurable and Outcome Drive XDR Strategy
  • Huawei – DATA: The Digital Economy’s Most Valuable Resource Designing an “Eternal” data infrastructure in the Information age
  • Adobe – Design and Deliver Exceptional Digital Experiences
  • VMWare – Navigating through Modern Hybrid Multi Cloud
  • Fortinet – Securing Growth through Innovation, Scale and Optimization
  • Dell Technologies – Dell Technologies’ new “Breakthrough” Study
  • Yugabyte – The Critical Impact of Cloud Native Database for Enterprise Modernization
  • Aruba – Network Modernization is the key to Digital Acceleration
  • APC by Schneider Electric – Data Centers, the Heart of the Digital World
  • Lenovo – Fast track your vision of the future with Lenovo Truscale
  • IBM – AI and Automation for Cybersecurity
  • HPE – Data First Modernization via HPE GreenLake
  • Microsoft – Secure Experiences for Hybrid Work from Chip to Cloud

Honestly there was a lot of interesting topics from the convention and there are several I will be blogging about in the coming days. Also since this was my first time attending the CXO Innovation Summit, I have to say that this was the first time I saw these guys doing keynotes giving off this rockstar vibe. You have to be there to see for yourself!

The Summit also had a total of 6 topics that the speakers can get around and discussing namely:

  • Building Intelligent Next Generation Connectivity
  • Threat Resilience: The Science of Cyber Intelligence and Risk Management
  • The Digital Workplace and the Workforce of Tomorrow
  • Modern Data Resilience Strategy: Tales of Storage, Security, Access, and Privacy
  • Cloud Strategies: Achieving Growth in the Cloud
  • Big Data and The Future of Business

Some of my takeaways from the three day event are as follows.


  1. Work has already evolved to such an extent that you can either work at home or at the office. The main proponent however is efficiency. Your employee’s output could easily be measured and adjusted or calibrated but companies still need to look at the bigger picture. They need to realize that they need to have good leaders around to motivate and deal with employees properly. One of the many takeaways from the Summit that I wholeheartedly agree with is the fact that employees should be given the choice of how they work given that there’s so much technology available to use to continue working. Where the people work shouldn’t be a big factor but rather the output and their availability to respond are the key things that need to be adjusted by employers. Maybe investing in good gear for employees can also speed things up tremendously.
  2. Cybersecurity still needs a lot of fixing here in the Philippines. In Fortinet’s presentation, they basically spent the time talking how even the most “secured” systems can still be hacked and infiltrated by hackers with malicious intent. Their solution to this problem is to go and take multiple steps to ensure your systems security. It was a fascinating topic that’s been mentioned and touched upon multiple times which leads to this takeaway that employers and business owners need to understand. Don’t scrimp on protection your network and system. Don’t settle for just the bare minimum. Invest in a good firm and you’ll surely save more money in the long run versus when you get attacked by ransomware.
  3. The Cloud can still go further in the Philippines. While there are a lot of IT companies that have already made the jump to cloud services in one form or another, there are still a lot of SMEs and entrepreneurs that opt not to do cloud services especially for their heavier or bulkier activities. The CXO Innovation Summit pretty much pointed out that businesses really need to jump to the cloud to save money as well as strengthen the security of their data.
  4. Modernization should already be embraced. We keep hearing the term modernization in different medias but we hardly see anything really going on in that sense. Maybe internally but from an outsider’s perspective there’s barely anything noticeable.



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