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McFarlane Toys Earth 2 Batman revealed

McFarlane Toys has just revealed our first look at the upcoming McFarlane Toys Earth 2 Batman figure.

This 7-inch figure is based on the Batman’s appearance in the New 52 book Earth 2 which saw an alternate earth where Darkseid and Apokolips wages war with Earth and almost succeeded in killing most of the DC heroes. This is where Earth 2’s Batman, Thomas Wayne appeared and joined the surviving heroes which are made up mostly of alternate versions of the JSA or Justice Society of America.

In the early parts of the books, it was revealed that Thomas Wayne faked his death and hid in the shadows. He watched as his son transformed into Batman and became a force for good together with Superman and Wonder Woman until they were killed during Apokolips’ invasion of Earth.

No official word on this yet but its nice to know that McFarlane Toys and the DC Multiverse line continues to expand their Batman lineup of action figures.

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