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Us x Her Review

Us x Her review starring AJ Raval, Angeli Khang and Kiko Estrada. The film is directed by Jules Katanyag. Now Streaming on VivaMax!

Us x Her tells the story of a couple played by AJ Raval and Kiko Estrada whose life takes a turn for the worse after the pandemic hit and Marie suffers a miscarriage at home. Things heat up as Dave hooks up with her customer who becomes a thorn in their side.

AJ Raval still doing OK but there are still times that she falters with delivery of her lines. Some great moments where there’s confrontation because that’s where she’s really strong at. The love scenes are pretty standard. Angeli Khang is really upping her game however, playing the role of Lila; a girl who starts harassing the couple. Khang’s character is really the one that gets a lot of juicy moments throughout the film. She’s definitely the one to look out for in the coming years.

Estrada’s Dave is an interesting character although somebody nobody should relate to. He’s a has-been player and a failing businessman who gets sucked into all this trouble all because he hooked up with a girl who had hang-ups with him back when he was a college basketball player. The actor displays a good range of emotions throughout the movie and hats off to him.

Chemistry is what’s really lacking for the film whether its the relationship brewing between the two female leads or whether its when they pair up.

The film’s pretty standard with the approach too, falling to the usual pitfalls of the erotic genre films particularly the ones that touch on the subject of extramarital affairs. Like you’ll know towards the end what was going to happen. The good thing here is that they end the film in a rather “artistic” way opting to go for the interpretative dance route rather than showing what actually befell on the film’s characters. Whether that kind of ending is your cup of two or not is objective. The execution of those final scenes are pretty good though.

I also find it a big waste to develop the Lila character to have stalker tendencies and even violent tendencies in the first two acts only for it to be dropped for a tamer approach but hey, that’s how they want to execute the film. I’m just saying they already dropped hints within the plot.

And yes you horndogs, there are lesbian love scenes here. That’s as much as I can write about it for this Us x Her review.

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