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Hades 2 announced for 2023

Supergiant Games has officially announced Hades 2 at this year’s The Game Awards.

For this new adventure, gamers would be taking on the role of the daughter of Chronos and the Princess of the Underworld. But who knows, maybe we can see the lead of the first game, Zagreus, make an appearance in the game. Its also rumored that the “Princess” is going down to Hades to kill Chronos.

We even get to see some of the familiar faces from the first Hades game including Moros and Apollo. Some of the great moves and abilities are also set to return like my favorite Nova Strike and more.

Hades 2 trailer

Supergiant Games hasn’t dropped confirmation on platforms the game will be available but it would be certain that the early access for 2023 will be for both Steam and Epic Games. Hopefully the Nintendo Switch and Playstation system also gets its own release.

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