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Brillante Mendoza creates a world of murder and revenge in Bata Pa si Sabel starring Micaella Raz, Angela Morena and more

Brillante Mendoza creates a world of murder and revenge in Bata Pa si Sabel starring Micaella Raz, Angela Morena and more. The film is directed by Reynold Giba and streams December 2 on VivaMax!

A young woman’s life is ruined. Now, she will show no mercy.

Bata Pa Si Sabel”, a film created by internationally acclaimed director Brillante Mendoza, will show how a heinous crime can turn a sweet, cheerful woman into a reticent individual with dreadful plans.

Micaella Raz plays Sabel, a young bride in her twenties that is gang-raped while on honeymoon.

Three men barge into their honeymoon suite, then force her husband, Bryan, to watch as they do ungodly things to her. They kill them afterwards, and the couple’s dead bodies are dumped into the ocean.

Miraculously, she survives and ends up in an isolated island. There, she meets the man who is going to be instrumental in her revenge – Mang Nestor, an ex-military officer who was convicted of murder.

Disguised as a different person and armed with a dagger, Sabel goes back to her hometown.

With the kind of suffering she has prepared for her assailants, they will surely regret laying their hands on her.

JC Tan plays Jethro Banzon, son of a local mayor and married with children. He is having an affair with Sabel’s friend.

Rash Flores plays Marvin Ruiz, Jethro’s best friend who also serves as his personal bodyguard. He instigated the idea of killing Sabel and Bryan.

Chad Solano plays Alex Dalina, Jethro’s driver and personal assistant. He obeys whatever Jethro tells him to do.

Benz Sangalang plays Bryan who is deeply in love with his wife, Sabel. He suffers extreme torture from Andrea’s rapists before getting killed.

Angela Morena plays Cassy Ronda, Jethro’s mistress and Sabel’s friend.

Two of the industry’s established actors, Gardo Versoza and Julio Diaz, play significant roles as Mayor Sonny Banzon and Nestor Lambino.

Behind Mayor Banzon’s charismatic persona lies a cruel man who has made life hell for Mang Nestor.As Sabel exacts her revenge with the help of Mang Nestor, some dark truths are waiting to come to light. How much pain can she still deal with in her young life?

“Bata Pa Si Sabel” is the first project where Micaella Raz takes on a lead role. However, this is her second time to work with director Brillante Mendoza following the thriller-drama, “Virgin Forest”.

Catch the action and suspense of “Bata Pa Si Sabel” directed by Reynold Giba on Vivamax, available for streaming on December 2, 2020.

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