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Brendan Fraser as Firefly for Batgirl movie for HBO Max

Leslie Grace as Batgirl will be very busy when she appears in her HBO Max movie also titled Batgirl as its been announced that Brendan Fraser as Firefly is gonna happen.

Brendan fraser as firefly

According to reports, Fraser will be playing the supervillain arsonist Firefly.

Here’s a quick breakdown on the history of the Bat-villain Firefly.

Firefly (Garfield Lynns) is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. Created by France Herron and Dick Sprang, he made his debut in Detective Comics #184 (June 1952). Initially portrayed as a criminal who utilized lighting effects to commit robberies, Firefly was later re-imagined as a sociopathic pyromaniac with an obsessive compulsion to start fires following Crisis on Infinite Earths’ reboot of the DC Universe in the 1980s. This darker depiction of the character has since endured as one of the superhero Batman’s most recurring enemies and belongs to the collective of adversaries that make up his central rogues gallery.

Fraser will be joining the previously announced cast of Leslie Grace as Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl who also happens to be the daughter of Jim Godon played by J.K. Simmons. Simmons returns from his appearance in the Justice League movie.

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