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vivo Y22s Review

Here’s my vivo Y22s review which will be out soon in the market and features 16GB Dynamic RAM, 50MP SuperNight camera and more!

vivo y22s review thefanboyseo

First check out the quick unboxing video I did for the latest vivo smartphone!


vivo Y22s Specs

  • 16GB Dynamic RAM
  • 50MP SuperNight Camera
  • 4GB/8GB +128GB (Up to 8GB Dynamic RAM)
    • 4GB+128GB variant has an additional 4GB Dynamic RAM
    • 8GB+128GB variant has an additional 8GB Dynamic RAM, total of 16GB Dynamic RAM
  • 90Hz Refresh rate
  • Snapdragon 680 6nm Platform
  • 5000mAh Battery+18W FastCharge
  • Multi-Turbo 5.5
  • Ultra Game Mode (emphasize ear customized audio effect)


vivo y22s

The biggest difference between the Y22s and other smartphones out in the market is the number of lenses attached to the back side. Where others have three or four, we get to jumbo lenses at the back together with the LED flash. It’s also got a snazzy back which comes in two different variants namely Starlit Blue and Summer Cyan. I actually prefer the color of the unit they sent over which was Summer Cyan.

Other design stuff are pretty standard for Android smartphones.

It’s so, so great to hold too weighing in at 192g

vivo y22s


vivo y22s review

The vivo Y22s comes with a 90Hz refresh rate making it a worthy midrange phone for streaming and scrolling through social media. Speaking of social media and streaming, I loved the screen size and the aspect ratio on this one. With a 20.1:9 aspect ratio, you get to see everything on your phone whether it’s for gaming or watching YT videos.

Resolution’s also good for its price range. The HD+ or 1612×720 is serviceable especially if you want to watch or stream stuff at a good resolution.

The touch screen is also capacitive multi-touch so it makes for good gaming phone.



The vivo Y22s comes equipped with a 50MP SuperNight camera which gives us clear photos whether its daytime or nightime.

Pro Mode / 50MP

50MP Pro Mode


There’s also the SuperNight Camera which gives you great photos at low light settings. I swear with each generation of phones that come out the low light setting is getting better and better, and vivo has always been at the forefront.

Selfies are just ok. Nothing to write home about.

Camera details:

Camera: Front 8MP / Rear 50MP +2MP (outside PD2228HF/IF) /

Aperture: Front f/2.0 (8MP) , Rear f/1.8 (50MP) + f/2.4 (2MP); Front f/2.0 (8MP)



The smartphone also comes equipped with a 128GB storage which you can expand to around 8GB with the expandable memory option.

Right out of the box we have around 60GB + to use for photos and applications so I strongly advise to get a microSD card to use.

vivo y22s

Luckily they did put a slot for microSD cards for the model.


The battery for the vivo Y22s is also a beast. Battery capacity is 5000mAh battery. During the review period, I fully charged the phone and purposefully left the charger and attended events while using mobile data and got home with more juice. When that fails, I also fell back on the fast-charging capability of the phone. Just like the current phones in the market the fast-charging element can hit at around 18W Fast Charging.


In terms of gaming, I had a blast with this one. I tried it out on different games including my personal favorite Genshin Impact and no lags on the phone’s end.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang and Call of Duty Mobile also worked great with this smartphone.

As you can see below there are a number of different modes for you to choose from when you play games on your

The Vivo Y22s balanced mode just does what it does. It’s balancing your gaming needs with other phone needs. Other features for the Ultragame function includes esports mode, reject calls, muting notifications and more

If you need added kick when gaming then you can also try the Y22s’ Boost mode which pretty much overclocks the processor to make graphics slicker and prettier to look at; definitely recommend this for streamers using their mobile phones for streaming content online.

There’s also a little neat trick that comes with gaming with this smartphone and that would be the ear customized audio effect. Obviously it’s hard to show that bit on a written review but from the way I experienced it, it’s giving deeper bass and far better treble when you play mobile games on the Y22s. That’s generally it but I have to say it’s really, really good.


UI and UX

The vivo Y22s runs on Android 12 and Funtouch 12. Thanks to the Snapdragon 680 4G processor, you get to do a lot of multitasking with the smartphone. It’s not super smooth but its good enough again considering the price point for the unit.

vivo Y22s Review Verdict

The vivo Y22s is a good smartphone to get especially if you’re on a tight budget. It’s got everything you’ll need from a phone brand like vivo and a whole lot more. The price is a little higher compared to the different smartphone contemporaries out there but that’s totally fine especially since the vivo brand hasn’t really failed us yet. The phone has its limits and if you’re jumping from one brand’s flagship phone to this one (just like me), you’ll have a lot of adjusting to do especially when it comes to camera quality and a bit when it comes to gaming. Gaming is fine, we’ve seen other brands have the same tech and system in place but the Y22s’ sweet spot comes in its ability to boost your gameplay significantly more.

The vivo Y22s is available in 4+128GB for PHP 10,999 and 8+128GB for only PHP 12,999.

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