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Infinix boldly explores beyond the present and innovates with the ZERO ULTRA

Infinix, known for bravely pushing toward innovation, does it again with the Infinix Zero Ultra.

The buzzy tech brand hit another home run by seamlessly combining art and technology to introduce a new digital experience for mobile users with a powerful device. The new INFINIX ZERO ULTRA brings top-tier design and groundbreaking features that rival other prominent smartphone brands at a very competitive price point.

The ZERO ULTRA is the latest in the long evolution of Infinix’s highly regarded ZERO series of smartphones. This began with the ZERO X Pro and the ZERO Neo, the most affordable ZERO series phone; then it was followed by the ZERO 5G, which is the brand’s first 5G phone.

With the new ZERO ULTRA, Infinix looks to continue the ZERO series’ relentless push for more innovation—and also for the brand’s goal of becoming the #1 smartphone brand in the market. It’s well on its way toward that achievement, as it’s currently the fastest-growing smartphone brand in the country according to the International Data Corporation smartphone rankings in the second quarter of 2022.

This meteoric growth proves that Infinix listens to its audience by providing powerful yet affordable devices, and making sure that no new release is subpar.


Accessible cutting-edge technology with the ZERO ULTRA

As a flagship phone, the ZERO ULTRA brings a premium-quality mobile experience and astounding features to more people, thanks to a price range that goes up favorably against midrange devices from other manufacturers.

The Infinix ZERO ULTRA’s crowning glory of innovation is its high-end hardware that provides the best performance—namely the 180W Thunder Charge, which allows for a lightning-fast 12-minute charge time* from 0% to 100%.  This is great for people on the go, keeping the ZERO ULTRA powered up all day during work or extended gaming sessions. Charging power like this is mostly found on higher-end flagship devices, but Infinix brings it to Filipinos at a price that won’t break the budget.

Another feature that the ZERO ULTRA innovates is its amazingly powerful rear camera. Vlogging and content creation are becoming very popular pursuits, and having a high-quality camera is now a must for many smartphone users. The Infinix ZERO ULTRA gives more people the power to capture stunning, high-quality content as it boasts an impressive 200MP Ultra Resolution Primary Camera, which beats even the current flagships of popular smartphone brands.

The ZERO ULTRA is also a beautiful phone that you’ll love to show off, with a premium look that doesn’t come at a premium price. It has a sleek 3D Curved 120Hz AMOLED Display that gives you great viewing quality, and it also has a star trail design and textured glass giving it a unique style and visual flair that stands out.

The ZERO ULTRA also allows you to connect to 5G mobile internet, giving you the fastest network available. Surfing, streaming, and playing online are also seamless experiences thanks to the Dimensity 920 All-around 6nm 5G Processor, giving you speed that can keep up with the fast-paced digital world.


Embracing the future of the blockchain

Beyond its impressive features, the ZERO ULTRA also serves as a gateway to the new Infinix Xboy NFT Collection, part of the brand’s push towards Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technology. Infinix is the first smartphone brand to embrace NFTs and the blockchain. This commitment to innovation and trendsetting allows it to reach new heights, take advantage of the latest technology available, and welcome the future.

Asia has become one of the fastest-growing NFT markets, with Southeast Asia contributing to most of the NFT-related web traffic. The new Xboy NFT Collection aims to create a unique digital experience, creating a stronger connection between the brand and users, while capturing a new audience along the way.

Each NFT not only gives you something you can collect but also exclusively entitles you to something that grows in value as the digital market expands. They also tell a story of how the ZERO ULTRA’s innovations combine to create a powerful device that can explore beyond the future.

The space-themed Xboy NFT Collection consists of five NFTs of robot characters that represent the amazing features of the ZERO ULTRA. These characters include Flash from Venus (180W Thunder Charge), Mirror from Jupiter (3D Waterfull Display), Chic from Saturn (representing the phone’s design), Wisestar from Saturn (6nm 5G Processor), and Vision from Mercury (200 MP Camera). Purchasing the ZERO ULTRA in any official Infinix store gives you an NFT lottery ticket with a QR Code leading to the Infinix website, giving you a chance to win one of these NFTs.

Experience cutting-edge design and performance that goes beyond limits with the Infinix ZERO ULTRA, retailing at Php 21,999 on Lazada, Shopee and TikTok Shop. For a limited time only, you can also get it for Php 19,999 during the Flash Sale.

It will also be available on selected Infinix offline stores within Metro Manila, which include SM Fairview, SM North Edsa, SM Megamall, SM Mall of Asia, SM Sta. Mesa, SM South Mall, SM San Mateo, SM Taytay, and Ever Commonwealth.

For more info on the ZERO ULTRA, visit the official Infinix website.

*Disclaimer: The “Furious Mode” function should be turned on, room temperature should be around 25℃, and must use Infinix standard 180W charger and its original data cable to achieve the 12 minutes charging, tested by Infinix Labs.


About Infinix:

Infinix Mobility is a rapidly emerging technology brand that designs, manufactures and markets an expanding portfolio of smart devices worldwide under the Infinix brand, which was founded in 2013.

Targeting today’s youth with first in class technology, Infinix creates trendy, powerful and attainably priced smart devices that bring the latest technology on the market to users around the world at a time when they need it at a price that they want it.

For more information, please visit: http://www.infinixmobility.com/

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