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Hasbro reveals Marvel Legends Doctor Strange Walmart exclusive with that weird blue face

Remember that time Doctor Strange was seen in comic titles like Defenders wearing this weird mask that made him look like a member of the Blue Man group? Well you can have that in your toy collection now especially that Hasbro just announced a new Marvel Legends Doctor Strange Walmart exclusive in his classic 80s look.

marvel legends doctor strange walmart exclusive

Check out the figure after the jump!

While I don’t collect any Marvel Legends figures outside of the X-Men and a few of the MCU stuff, this one is easily my favorite. This is the super classic Doctor Strange I know and like and this figure comes with three different head sculpts, the “Wand of Watoomb”, some mystic accessories, an axe and an alternate pair of hands. Quite interesting is that they added Stephen Strange’s classic full face mask.

And in case you want to know why there was a time Doctor Strange turned blue, you can click on this link HERE.

But also to save you a click, what basically happened is he got trapped by a villain called Asmodeus who took his identity and went back to Earth. Doctor Strange and Clea then managed to escape with Strange using his backup energy from the cloak of levitation. However, the Earth dimension didn’t allow Strange to enter with his face so Strange tricked the Earth by wearing a full mask. After beating the villain, Strange decides to keep the identity for a time.

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