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Tubero Review

Angela Morena and Vince Rillon stars in Tubero which is now streaming on Vivamax directed by Topel Lee.

I have to say that the film comes out swinging with the Morena’s sexually repressed character Paula, doing multiple sexual innuendos juxtaposed with her cooking classic Pinoy dishes.

I laughed hard at the moment when the scene showed Angela Morena’s character washing her “pechay” then the scene swapping over to her “flicking the bean” in a shower scene.

The whole point of the film is the main characters’ lack of enthusiasm when it comes to sex which also pushes her fiancee to cheat on her. And when fiance gets caught, he gives her an ultimatum. Either change her outlook towards sex or they get into an open relationship or swing. Which totally sucks and very problematic.

In a very “Sex in the City” manner, Paula’s lawyer friend played by newcomer Alona Navarro, also gets some time to shine as she’s given her own love scenes.

The execution and the manner of the movie’s pretty standard. The plot’s also predictable but it does have its moments.

With each new Vivamax project I’m seeing more and more improvement with Angela Morena’s acting. She did nail the scared and demure Paula quite well.

Vince Rillon as Gimo is also standard but he did have his moments like when he first meets Paula. I think his whole delivery and very street level dialogue and acting is ok. Pretty decent acting. The opposite however can be said for JC Tan who plays Logan, the fiance, as his is just off. If the intention though was to make him a douchebag then he got that right.

The film also suffers a lot from cringey dialogue and equally cringey delivery. Also the musical scoring’s pretty bland and generic.

It does have its merits like being an exploratory film about relationships and sex but again is hampered by bad lines and delivery.

I read that director Topel Lee wanted to do more love scenes/ sex scenes that has not yet been done on the Vivamax streaming platform along with its movies and on that line of thinking, I think he did manage to get that.

Overall, thought Tubero was just OK.



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