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Bilibili launches Jotaro Kujo Bilipods from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure – Stardust Crusaders

Bilibili will be releasing this special Jotaro Kujo Bilipods which was created to celebrate part 3’s anniversary.

This is the second bilipod that the streaming service has released in recent time and its definitely one of the cooler ones. The Jotaro Kujo bilipods comes with a number of accessories namely the pod case which resemble’s Jotaro’s bag from the David Productions anime series. There’s also two lanyards that’s made to resemble the JJBA Part 3 protagonist’s belt and of course the actual bilipod which comes in black and gold and even sports the signature Joestar family star birthmark.

More photos below:




Preorders for the Jotaro headset begins on October 1, 2022. Users living in China can preorder from the Bilibili mall. International readers can try to order these online.

Jotaro Kujo Bilipods

Apparently this also features a 5.5 battery life while the buds are 65ms low-latency and more. The earbuds come with a storage holder that resembles Jotaro’s hat, as well as a case based on Jotaro’s schoolbag. Those who pre-order will receive two lanyards with the design of Jotaro’s belts.

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