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New Titans Season 2 Still images featuring Superboy Conner Kent

We recently got four new Titans season 2 still images focusing on the upcoming episode featuring Joshua Orpin as Conner Kent aka Superboy!

The episode has been hotly anticipated because, finally, the Titans gets their heaviest hitter yet after Dick Grayson reforms the team and just in time too because Deathstroke is coming to town.

You can check out the new stills featuring Conner Kent/ Superboy below:

We also found a couple of stills with Conner and Krypto, who we both saw as part of the post-credit scenes for Titans season 1.

People on social media though are commenting that Warner and DC put all the budget on fleshing out the action scenes with Orpin which made other scenes look dry including that scene from the Titans season 2 trailer where Starfire and Wonder Girl/ Donna Troy team up.

I’ll let you decide on how to feel about that because we also have a trailer for this upcoming episode…

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