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Here are My Hero Academia chapter 367 spoilers which sees Deku returning to the fight and finds out about Bakugo’s “death” a few chapters earlier.


Before you scroll down, SPOILER ALERT:

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And here’s the breakdown:

-The chapter begins with the jets finding Deku in the middle of the ocean. They tell him that the school bus is here and he hangs onto them with Black Whip.

-The leader of the pilots says that although they should be monitoring U.A, they decided to bet on Deku.

-He says that their little sister has bet on the future of the new generation and that it is up to him to defeat the greatest villain.

-Back to the present and Deku lands a kick on TomurAFO.

-Mirio smiles at seeing him there and TomurAFO realizes that Deku’s stronger now. Noticing the energy coming out of Deku’s body, he remembers the third OFA user.

– Shigaraki’s sent flying and hits the barrier.

-Deku goes to apologize to everyone, and that’s when he sees everyone’s condition.

– All of them fallen and Bakugou dead with All Might’s card.

-TomurAFO says that he’s too late and asks if he’s not going to make any excuses, like “there’s no way I could have gotten here faster”.

– Deku looks at Bakugou again and rage takes over: his eyes become monstrous and Black Whip comes out, like in the last war.

– Shigaraki sees this as the perfect scenario for him. Deku will come running blinded by rage, so he’ll break his back and end the fight. Just when it looks like that’s really going to happen, Mirio comes out of the ground and screams “DEKU! EVERYTHING’S OK!”

-He says he understands that Deku must be blaming himself, but this is what TomurAFO wants.

-He assures him that Tamaki and the others are still alive and that Edgeshot is replacing Bakugou’s organs. He will succeed and they will suffer no losses, so he can’t give up yet.

-Shigaraki says that these are just platitudes and that they’re ignoring reality. This is when Mirio says that they are heroes, what they do is turn platitudes into reality.

-This is when Deku remembers All Might, the pilot and Banjo’s words, telling him to control his heart. Deku apologizes to Lemillion and he says that apologies come after he wins.

-That’s when Deku turns to TomurAFO and asks “All for One, is Shigaraki still there?” with all the One for All users behind him. He’s furious, crying and using Black Whip as a scarf. End of chapter.

I would’ve preferred that they took a while before Deku unlocks the remaining powers of the former hosts of One for All but I guess this is a good way to power up Deku. After all, they already announced that this is the final arc for the manga series which is written by Kohei Horikoshi.

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