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Genshin Impact anime series announced from Hoyoverse and UFOTable

Because we were all clamoring for it, we will be getting a Genshin Impact anime series produced by Hoyoverse / Mihoyo and UFOtable.

Check out the trailer for the Genshin Impact anime series after the cut.

Here are some screenshots from the anime series based on the massively popular RPG mobile game from Hoyoverse.

Honestly, I’m excited for this project first because of the animation quality given by ufotable. Remember they were the studio that did Kimetsu No Yaiba: Demon Slayer and that turned out really, really well. So now having them animate the first few chapters of the adventure of Lumine and Aether aka the Traveler, its just pure joy.

Secondly, this will introduce fans to the series, particularly the ones that know of Genshin Impact as a game but are hesitant to play the game.

It’s also nice to hear Paimon here although the character is kind of grating once you play the game. Still giving good vibes.


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