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realme Watch 3 Review

Here’s my realme Watch 3 Review which is now out in stores and available through Shopee and Lazada for just P3,499!

realme watch 3 review thefanboyseo

This latest smartwatch from realme features a 1.8″ Super Large and Bright Display, comprehensive health monitoring, 7-day battery life, IP68 Dust and Water Resistance and more. The realme Watch 3 also comes in two colors namely black and grey. But I personally love the unit that was sent over, which is the black version.

realme watch 3 review thefanboyseo

Another updated design that increases the realme Watch 3’s appeal is the IP68 Dust and Water Resistance. For the Filipino user, the dust proofing is just so-so but its a make or break when it comes to water resistance. You can also use the smartwatch for out-of-towns and vacation since it can stay OK being submerged provided you go to depths of 1.5 meters at most and for a total of 30 minutes. Anything beyond that, say bye bye to the watch.



The watch’s display was perfect for me especially since I’m jumping from the realme Band 2. This smartwatch features a TFT-LCD panel which is set to 30FPS. This allows you to get smooth scrolling every time you use the smartwatch. This also features a 325 PPI, 68.7% screen-to-body ratio and a 60FPS refresh rate.

A bigger watch can also mean you get more stuff appearing on the screen like checking phone notifications from Facebook, Twitter and more as well as text messages.

In terms of style, you’ll be happy to note that this watch features 100+ Stylish Watch Faces. These watch faces range from static to dynamic watch faces.


The realme Watch 3 features clear Bluetooth Calling. I found this feature cool because it made me a Power Ranger IRL.

So basically, connect your Android smartphone with your smartwatch and you’re good to go. You get a call, and can answer said call from your phone.

realme watch 3 review thefanboyseo


Even better is the mic quality and sound output. I was expecting this to colloquially, sound like a “tin can” or “tunog lata” but it’s pretty good. The bass and voice comes out clearly. The same goes for the smartwatch’s built-in speakers.

Fitness and Health Buddy

realme watch 3 review thefanboyseo

realme is committed to help Filipinos enjoy life with their durable “Techlife” devices. This is the reason they put in the watch function dubbed “All-Day Comprehensive Health Monitoring“. It also features a 24/7 heart rate monitor, stress monitor and sleep detection and tracking. It also features a Blood Oxygen Level function.

realme watch 3 review thefanboyseo

There’s also a function that reminds you to drink water, which is really important these days.

For the ladies, there’s also a Women’s Special Monitoring with menstrual cycle tracker.


Honestly, I have to put my stamp of approval for the smartwatch in terms of user-friendliness. Popping it out the box and strapping it on your wrist, you can use it immediately. There’s no real need to check the manual as everything’s self-explanatory.

A swipe to the right will also let you access music control which lets you move to the next track, adjust the volume and more.

realme watch 3 review thefanboyseo

Swiping upward will let you access the notifications where you can sort out the notifications on your phone whether its text message, Facebook notifications and even Twitter.

realme watch 3 review thefanboyseo

Swiping down gives you several choices from the battery level, the brightness, Bluetooth Connectivity, Flashlight and the Smartwatch’s settings.


realme watch 3 review thefanboyseo


In terms of battery, I’m also impressed with this smartwatch product and its 340mah battery. realme boasts that the watch has a 7-Day Life on it, meaning it can go for an entire week without getting a charge. I actually did try to use this for a week without charging it and it hits the mark.

realme watch 3 review thefanboyseo

In terms of charging, the realme Watch 3 features a magnetic charging head with the USB cable that comes along with it. If there’s any qualms here, it’s that the cable that comes along with the product is a little too short. Other than that, it’s fine. I’m actually giving this good marks!

Don’t forget to pick up the realme Watch 3 which is now available in stores including Shopee for just P3,499! Follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo for more realme news and updates!

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