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One Piece chapter 1056 reveals Yamato’s decision

One Piece fans have been speculating for some time now what Yamato’s decision would be after the defeat of her father Kidou at the hands of series protagonist Monkey D. Luffy and One Piece chapter 1056 has revealed her decision.

Not only did One Piece chapter 1056 reveal to the readers that Buggy has become an emperor and started a new faction called Cross Guild together with Mihawk and Crocodile, we also find out Yamato’s decision.

And logically speaking she decides to stay in the island to be with her people.

One piece 1056 yamato

Not only will she stay but she also promises to run things like her hero Kazuki Oden did and not like her father.

In the following chapter, we also get some added context for her decision to stay rather than join Monkey D. Luffy and the Strawhat Pirates..One piece 1056 yamato

Fans of the manga series as well as the warrior were already hoping to see her join Luffy as One Piece begins it’s final story arc where everything comes to a head.

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