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Got my Jinri Experience and The Authority over the Weekend

Here are some of my hauls for this week – The Jinri Experience by my friend Jay Tablante and my super crush Jinri Park as well as a very hard to find copy of “The Authority” with FG bestfriend Mark Millar and Batman and Robin artist Frank Quitely.

the jinri experience thefanboyseo

I’ve been meaning to get The Jinri Experience but for some unknown reason the book is starting to disappear from the local convenience stores where it once proudly stood out. I’ve seen the insides and I can tell you guys that the photography was tastefully done and I’m not saying this because I know the photographer nor because I’m a fan of the celeb in question.

I’m also quite impressed that the Jinri Experience is in terms of packaging and content. It’s on par with some of the newer gravure stuff from Japan but at the same time it does feature some unique quirks that makes it very Pinoy. The book is also moderately price at P195 which is somewhat a steal.


Another item for my weird/ ecclectic collection is the tradepaper back for “The Authority” entitled “Earth Inferno and Other Stories”.

It’s got a pretty awesome hook with the Authority battling the Earth itself after it got brainwashed by the Renegade Doctor.

This book also featured a solo Engineer story done by Adam Hughes and another story with Cully Hamner which ties up neatly to the whole “Devil’s Night” even at Wildstorm years ago. The best part was that I got this for just P300.

So yeah, just a quick plug, I got my “The Authority” trade from Hobby Lobby. Please add him up on Facebook and check his photo gallery for all the stuff that he’s selling.

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