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X-Men Cosplayers be wary as this Nimrod Cosplay by DangerMouse556 is so good

Cosplayers cosplaying as Marvel’s merry mutants need to be careful now that this awesome Nimrod cosplay by @DangerMouse556 has been revealed to the world!


Check out more photos from social media featuring the updated look for the mutant hunting robot from the future and one of the terrifying enemies of the X-Men and the rest of Krakoa in the pages of the current X-Men books…


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Too bad though as we don’t really see footage of this Nimrod cosplay in action. I want to see what other light up effects happen here and whether or not there are other cool tricks in this cosplay.

If you want more Nimrod then you can certainly pick up a Marvel Legends figure of the character. He’s in a three pack together with Psylocke and Fantomex. In the comics, we see him in different versions of himself in the pages of House of X / Powers of X where he even went toe to toe against Apocalypse. And then we also got a nice fight between Magneto and Professor X against Nimrod and Omega Sentinel in Inferno.

What do you think of this Nimrod cosplay? Leave a comment below and follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo!

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